When I go to the ocean and sit on the hood of my car and sea air runs in packs and I can smell every salty heave, I sometimes forget that I will die. There is no more frantic feeling that I need to make the most of every second I have. There’s only myself and the overwhelming truth that expands beyond the horizon.

Had you been anyone else, I would have left you when you made me wish I was dead in Atlanta. And I don’t even know why you’re so special. But you are. I’d wish I was dead for you. Maybe tomorrow I won’t.

Evening sun in her eyes like a burning blood orange as she drove, she wanted to spit on it and hear it spizzle out like a lit match in a wet sink. The light hit her skin like an only half unwelcomed bucket of hot fryer oil to the face. It was probably gorgeous, a perfect red circle sinking into neon purple clouds and the kind of rolling smoky mountains they wrote lullabies about, but she couldn’t convince herself to give a shit.

Hot salt water warmed her bottom eyelashes and hurried over her apple cheeks. She licked the tiny flowing blips as they reached the corners of her mouth. That fucking bastard, she thought. He had just driven away with her son. Again. It was the same story every other weekend, and it never got any easier. The rage never subsided when she beat the steering wheel. The vengeful, ugly sobbing never emptied out the well of putrid decay in her chest. It never stopped feeling like her hands and arms were made of porcelain as he was torn from them; fault-line cracks spreading from the creases in her elbows down her hollow veins to the fragile skin of her inner wrists, her hands only shattering at the last second. Pieces of her clung to his little shirt as she watched him being put into the other car seat while he sobbed. And there she sat, beating a steering wheel, bruising her hands and accomplishing nothing. Completely powerless.






What girls look for in guys

  • brown eyes
  • messy hair
  • cute nose
  • 4 paws
  • golden retriever 

but a man looking for a certain thing in girls? misogyny right? guys can’t be like “I look for girls who wear glasses and are thin and like to talk” nope that’s misogyny and it’s horrible. “equality”

oh my god did you even bother reading the post -______-

"not ALL dogs"


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Do you ever write a line that just makes you sit back for a second and go

hot damn

I wrote that

that line is so good

if I was a famous writer hipsters would probably get that tattooed on their biceps, that line’s so good

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